Validated Crew References

Reference Validation

Reference validation is a service we offer to our Premium Members.

The Crew HQ support team contacts every reference that is added to the website by our Premium Members and then asks a set of standard questions designed to help your next employer understand your strenghts and weakness.

All the questions are scored out of 5 stars. 1 star is poor and 5 stars is excellent. 

  1. Punctuality

  2. Professionalism

  3. Communication

  4. Service Quality

  5. Seamanship

  6. Safety Awareness

  7. Environmental Awareness

  8. Re-Employ



Are you always on time? 



How good are you at dealing with guests? Are you always well presented?


How good at communicating are you? Do you communicate well with the rest of the crew and guests?


Service Quality

Do you provide good service quality from 1 to 5 stars? Do you deliver an excellent experience to guests?



Are you a good seaman or crew member? Do you show common sense and awareness? In an emergency would you be good person to have onboard?


Safety Awareness

How safety aware are you? Are you always thinking "Safety First" or do you take risks?


Environmental Awareness

Are you environmentally aware? Do you take steps to stop pollution and observe environmental policy?



How likely would they be to employ you again in the future?


Add your references and then upgrade your membership so we can validate them for you.