Crew HQ: Fact vs Fiction Pt 2

The yachting industry can be daunting for newcomers. It can, also, be equally overwhelming for crew members who have been part of the industry for years. With the ever changing rules and regulations, constantly developing procedures and industry norms it can be easy to get caught up. Here at Crew HQ we aim to stay up to date with the changes in order to best serve our subscribing members. We’ve answered a few more FAQ’s you may have asked yourself too.


“Yachts don’t hire ‘green’ crew ” -Fiction


This is one of our most asked questions. Newbies or ‘green crew’ who have never worked on a vessel before panic because they think their inexperience means they might not find work. This is simply not true.

Everyone has to start somewhere. You can’t gain experience if you haven’t the opportunity to gain experience; yacht employers know this. If you’ve completed your relevant training courses, hours and so on, trust that you are capable of holding your own on a yacht. Yes, crew members who have seen more years on the water will be more proficient but being bright-eyed and bushy-tailed has it’s benefits too. If anything your excitement and eagerness to learn will be a refreshing addition to the team.

Make sure your resume is excellent, that you are well presented, and you will find yourself working on board in no time.


“I have to travel in order to find a job” - Both


Finding a job can be influenced by a number of different things. The most important in our opinion is location. Very few yacht owners are willing to fly crew out to meet them for interviews. The onus is on you to decide whether you’re relocating to The Mediterranean or setting up in and around the American yachting coastline.    

If you’re still undecided as to which yachting destination would be the best career move for you check out the jobs map on the Crew HQ website. You can see how many positions are available in which areas and make an informed choice from there.


“I can apply for a position while still working on a yacht” -Fact


Being unemployed is stressful. No crew member wants to be left ashore as yachts set off for the season. Choosing to apply for work while still being employed is a responsible preemptive decision. The problem is some Captains and yacht employers don’t take it that way.

We’ve had many Crew HQ members concerned that their employers might feel betrayed by them applying for job posts while still working on their vessels. With the Premium Membership crew members can search and apply for jobs in stealth mode. This means your profile and resume are only visible to the employers of jobs you apply for. So you can work through the Crew HQ website without risking your loyalty to your current vessel.

To upgrade to Premium Membership click here.


At Crew HQ, we make it our mission to make navigating the yachting industry easier for you. So keep sending in your questions and we will happily answer them for you