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Crew Chef

I am willing to work anytime

Stewardess, 26 year old Female

Ready to enter the yachting industry as a change in career. Looking for a 60+m Motor yacht with an exciting itinerary.

Courses STCW offer

We offer STCW courses in English language. Very good price. Certificate issued by the Ministry of Transport (Maritime Office). Frequency - at lest ones a month. For more details see

Deckhand available immediatly.

I am looking for a more junior position, fast learner with all the required tickets and good references.

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Paws On Board

For most; dogs, cats and birds aren’t just pets but part of the family. It only makes sense, then, that they be included in the family vacations. What if the holiday involves putting your four-legged friends on a yacht and sailing the seas for a few months?

Coping with Criticism

I had a very interesting interaction a few days ago. A green crew member, keen to get into the yachting industry, asked for my advice. After giving the budding newbie some information and a couple of leads to follow he proceeded to ask if I could give his CV a look over.

A Penny Saved

Late, one cool Autumn day, a small nest of Ants were collecting dried grain they intended to store for winter when a hungry Grasshopper came along. His head bowed, and his fiddler under his arm, he humbly asked the Ants if he could have some of their grain to eat.

Weather The Storm

Just over a week ago Hurricane Matthew began as a disturbance over the Atlantic Ocean. Since then it has claimed 1, 034 lives (and counting), most of which were Haitians. Other islands hit were Jamaica, Cuba, The Bahamas and Dominican Republic.

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