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Ocean Elements

Recruiting 24 job titles.

Sunseeker Crew

Recruiting 38 job titles.

Private Yacht

Recruiting 2 job titles.

West Shore Yacht Center

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Andromeda Yachts PMA

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America Cruise

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Stewardess masseuse

Stewardess/ Masseuse

Private +70m MY currently East Coast USA.

Second Officer

I am looking for the opportunity to work my way into a permanent position. I learn fast and follow directions well. I am energetic, positive, peoples person and self motivated. I wish to bring a level of trust and dedication, to my team and boat, that I have lived by my whole life.

Aspiring stewardess with strong experience and knowledge within the travel and service sector (+10 years). I am well educated and have gained excellent hospitality and service skills throughout the years. My CV demonstrates valuable working experiences E.g.

Dear, My name is Ivan Latkovic.This e-mail gave me a cousin, who had come to the conclusion that you need young people who want to navigate.I was born on 26.01.1992.

Sole stewardess needed immediately for permanent position aboard private MY based out of Fort Lauderdale. Light travel itinerary; primarily just adult owners for duration of 1-3 days at a time. No large onboard events, cooking, or entertaining required.

My background has been in boats since I left college at the age of 15, when I went directly to a professional Lycée to do a CAP in Boat Mechanics, I then did a BAC PRO /apprentice & a further dipoma year in Diesel motors. I have been working in boat yards for all this time, & have done all

Hi All! I am a 32yo South African searching for a permanent junior Deckhand position. I enjoy working with others and being helpful to achieve a certain objective on time and with excellence.