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Yacht crew members wanted in The United Arab Emirates

Hello, Due to on going expansion project in Al Salman Yacht club, we seek to employe crew members to join us on board for Passengers and Goods Delivery to Oman, KSA, Kuwait, and North Africa ( Egyp

My name is Franco and I looking for a position as a Head Chef, am very experience Chef with 20 plus years around hotels,Restaurants,Cruises ships and last four years in yachts

Looking for sailing yacht to cross Europe-to-Caribbean – to take sightings and catch fish! Have spent years sailing, am approachable and easy-going.

Good day, I'm available for deckhand position. Kind regards Areo

We are a mate/stew couple available to start on a 100ft+ yacht right away. We both have been in the industry and have experience in our positions. We work really well together! Personal contact details: [email protected] [email protected] +1 305-915-0651

I am a very motivated, determined, honest and reliable person, but most of all I’m a hard worker and self-starter with great eye for detail stewardess aiming to secure a long term or seasonal position on board a motor yacht that will allow me to pursue my career further.

My name is Florian Angelescu/Master and my professional experience gave me the opportunity to both apply theoretical knowledge and practical skills .I am communicative, I adapt easily, and still, I am a loyal employee. I am convinced of having the right skills for this job as ship handling maneuv