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Yacht crew members wanted in The United Arab Emirates

Hello, Due to on going expansion project in Al Salman Yacht club, we seek to employe crew members to join us on board for Passengers and Goods Delivery to Oman, KSA, Kuwait, and North Africa ( Egyp

Hi I'm 30 years old deck officer with a previous experience working in mega yacht , sailing yachts and motor yacht.I speak 4 languages , Spanish ( mother language) English , Italian an french.I am currently working in a Danish gas company and I would like to return to yacht industry.Hard worker

My strengths include an ability to work well under pressure and to make guests feel comfortable. I grew up in a busy guest house environment that has given me a client driven attitude from a young age as well as guest house and customer relations and bar tending skills.

I’m looking for a junior stewardess position.

Currently onboard MY Azzam but looking for better opportunity & new challenges. Well experience in HVAC-Refrigeration system. Been in cruise ships & yacht for 12 yrs.

My name Is Kristen Mare and my fiancés name is Dayne Botha. We are available right away for freelance or preferably permanent position as a stewardess/deckhand and mate/deckhand onboard a 100ft+ m/y.

An enthusiastic, honest, hardworking individual who seeks employment as a entry level deckhand within the super yacht industry. I love working as part of a team however have the self motivation to work individually when needed.