Job hunting is stressful. We all know, too well, the pressure of having to find and secure a position on a yacht.

Running a yacht is no easy feat. You lead the charge of at least 4 crew members (deck, galley, engineering department and interior department).

With yachting standards and regulations differing from region to region it is quite easy to become confused by what is expected of crew.

Immaculate yachts. Jaw-dropping backdrops. Elegant yacht owners and employers.

2016 was a bad year. Prince, David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, Mohammed Ali and George Michael were some of the most shocking celebrity deaths to rock the globe. Britain voted to leave the EU.

There is a hierarchy in every profession. It seems to be the only way to run a productive professional space where every member of the team can contribute their unique set of skills and expertise.

They say “work for cause and not the applause,” but what if your Captain is unbearable?

Being bilingual is useful in more ways than just being a fun party trick. The perks reach as far as your career.


Crew HQ; the yacht networking site that is committed to making navigating the yachting industry easier for you.


Night sweats, high temperature, shivers. You can’t keep your food down and you’re feeling delirious. You’re cough is wet with phlegm and your nose is running.

There are five weeks left ‘til Christmas. Holiday decorations are being hung, gifts have been bought and travel arrangements are being finalised. The excitement around family reunions is bursting.

The yachting industry can be daunting for newcomers. It can, also, be equally overwhelming for crew members who have been part of the industry for years.