Environmentally Conscious Yachting

One of Crew HQ’s missions is endeavouring to promote sea-friendly and environmentally conscious yachting. We understand the importance of preserving the ocean so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come. The increase in oil spills, waste pollution and the reaction of nature as a consequence has prompted us to compile a list of tips for crew members to help in generating green yachting.


Sailing with the state of the sea in mind doesn’t cause as much inconvenience to on board style and comfort as some might think. A shift in mindset and an almost effortless altering of how things are done can assist in the conservation of the ocean and the sea life inhabiting it.

We believe in the 3 “R” method which is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.



From the of waste you generate to the materials you use for cleaning and the upkeep of your yacht; you can monitor the amount of chemicals and hazardous substances you use when at sea.

If possible, postpone yacht maintenance until you are in a boatyard. Dispose of paints, batteries, antifreeze, cleaning products, oil, oil filters and other hazardous wastes at a collection facility on land. Other ways yachties can be more considerate of the ocean is by not throwing their cigarette butts overboard, but rather keeping them in a tin or bottle until they can be disposed of when back on land.

Reducing your speed can go a long way in eco-friendly yachting as your fuel intake won’t be as high (this will help the yacht owner's pocket too). Make sure your holding tanks are emptied at least 3 miles from the shore, avoid using bleach and chlorine products, but rather phosphate-free biodegradable soaps to minimize the impacts of greywater on the marine life,  and anchor your vessel with care.



The damage plastic can cause to the ocean, if thrown overboard, is devastating. Many animals are found trapped, suffocated or choked by plastic materials as it takes hundreds of years to break down. This is why it is imperative to buy reusable plastic glasses and bottles. Products such as these must be used as often as possible.

Utilising the natural elements of the sea can also help in saving the ocean as well as sparing you some extra bucks. Yachting technology has developed to allow vessels to run on either solar, hydra or wind energy. The initial cost of these additions becomes sustainable as yacht owners will save more money over time, from installing such devices.


Recycling has proven to be an effective method of eco-friendly sailing. If you have non-reusable items rather store them on board until you can properly dispose of them at recycling facilities when back on land. Recently an edible, biodegradable plastic has been invented. This will mean that animals who eat the plastic pollution in the sea won’t be dying from the materials any more as it will be digestible for them.

Throwing any rubbish from your yacht into the ocean is an absolute no-no.

Yachties are encouraged to research environmentally conscious ports and marina’s that are part of the International Clean Marina Program. The focus of the program is to promote the protection and conservation of the ocean and its ecosystem


It is every crew members, yacht owners and seafarers responsibility to ensure that the ocean we enjoy is respected and preserved. The ocean gives us all so much joy, it would be shame if we ever lost it.


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