Full Directory Listing - Yearly Subscription

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Your full directory listing is a yearly membership subscription per store location / listing that you add to Crew HQ. You may add a single company per user account.

In addition to your free company listing which lists your company name, telephone contact details, GPS location and short company description, your full directory listing enables you to add multimedia to your listing, create multiple outbound links to your website, publish your news and industry related stories and more.

With your company listed on Crew HQ you reach the professional crew who drive the industry, who use the services and order the goods that service the SuperYachts they work on. As a training facility your school can target our members and their qualifications giving you access to the personal development and future training that our crew must inevitably purchase in the future.

  • 14-Day Trial - 100% Refund
  • Full Company Listing
  • Remove Sponsored Advertising from your Listing
  • Add links to your website
  • Add quick email contact links to your listing
  • Add quick call contact links to your listing
  • Publish unlimited news articles and stories with your company listing
  • Add your company logo
  • Add downloadable brochure
  • Add Multiple Keywords
  • Multiple Directory Search Categories
  • Video and Gallery
  • Multiple Outbound Links to Your Website

Full Directory Listing

  • Recurring Subscription
  • Yearly
  • 14 Day Trial with 100% Refund
  • Cancel at any time
  • Email Support Only
  • Free Company Listing Included
  • Company Name
  • Contact Numbers
  • GPS Location
  • Short Description
  • Full Directory Listing
  • Featured in Search
  • Remove Sponsored Advertising
  • Featured on Homepage
  • Boost your SEO
  • Multiple Categories
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Company Logo
  • Full Description
  • Multiple Website Links
  • Quick Email Links
  • Image Gallery
  • Video
  • Downloadable Brochure
  • Publish Articles / News