Three Steps to a Successful 2017

2016 was a bad year. Prince, David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, Mohammed Ali and George Michael were some of the most shocking celebrity deaths to rock the globe. Britain voted to leave the EU. The deadly Zika virus plagued Latin America and made its way into USA. Kim Kardashian was held hostage in her hotel room in Paris, and the gorilla Harambe was shot. Collectively, it seems, we were all just trying to survive the leap year.

But as the saying goes, ‘new year, new me.’

2017 presents the promise of success and prosperity. The foundation must be set now. Intelligent, calculated decisions in the beginning of the year set the tone for what is to come. Here three simple ways to make sure you start the year off right.


  1. De-clutter

You can accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’ in one year. 366 days worth of memories and emotions, gifts, trinkets and tough times. In order to make space for what the New Year might bring; the chaotic clutter from 2016 needs to be sorted through and cleaned out. Give away clothes you haven’t worn in months, donate old furniture and souvenirs. Trash boxes marked “important stuff” that have been stashed away in the attic since you moved in.

De-clutter your life.

You might be surprised by how clearer your perspective becomes when you’ve physically, mentally and emotionally wiped the slate clean.


  1. Reflect

“We cannot see our reflection in running water. It is only in still water that we can see.”

It would be negligent to make moves in 2017 without considering the effects of your actions in 2016. Take a few hours just to reflect on the year that’s passed. Salute yourself for surviving, and consider how, if you could have a do-over, you would do things differently.

The irony about hindsight is that you learn the lessons after you need them. But the great thing about life is come midnight, December 31st, you get a chance to press restart and try again.


The year has already begun so it might be difficult to take time for reflection and introspection. This exercise is imperative, however, if you wish to be bigger and better in 2017.


  1. New Year’s Resolutions

For most of us writing a list of resolutions fills us with dread because we’ve been committing to joining a gym, calling home more, smoking less or learning how to play guitar for years. The easiest thing to break is a resolution because, ‘next year I’ll do it for sure.’

But resolutions shouldn’t be commandments we impose on ourselves; causing us to feel overwhelmed by the pressure of possible failure. No. Resolutions should motivate us to aspire to be better. Writing it down and sticking it up on a wall only holds you accountable to yourself. It’s about loving yourself enough to give yourself what you know you deserve whether it’s stronger muscles, a better relationship with your family, a healthier body or a more enriched life.


Think about where you want to be this time next year and pen down a strategy to get you there. Break big goals down into smaller steps and you’ll realize how achievable your desires are. Take mammoth tasks and divide them into bite-sized morsels so you don’t choke on fear or the insecurity of uncertainty. Commit to something and see it through.


You could change your entire life; catapult your career, and enjoy personal happiness in three easy steps. It’ll cost you nothing but a few hours. Considering that there are 8400 hours left of 2017, I think you could spare a few.