Premium Membership Explained

Crew HQ; the yacht networking site that is committed to making navigating the yachting industry easier for you.



Not only does the system provide a catalogue of impressive crew who are ready to work,  it makes searching and applying for jobs easier for available crew. Creating a profile, uploading your resume and references, as well as applying for jobs listed on the site is ABSOLUTELY FREE.

You can be part of the entire Crew HQ website and never have to pay a dime.

The bonus fields and added services that Premium Members have access to, however, come at a price:


Reference Check/Validation

Getting your references checked allows a potential employer to, very quickly, identify your strengths and weaknesses. All references are asked the same set of questions pertaining to a crew members punctuality, professionalism, service quality, safety and environmental awareness, as well as re-employability. The criteria are the same for all Premium Members on the site.


Allowing Crew HQ to do your reference checking is convenient because it saves Captains and employers spending their own time and resources doing it. A potential employer can look through your resume, consult your validated references and make a quick, yet educated decision all while still on your profile.


Video Interview

Adequate skills and training are sure to get you noticed. Personality and likeability will get you employed. Because so much of what makes the yachting industry is service, employers need to be confident that you can do your job with a smile, treat passengers and fellow crew members with respect, and generally be a friendly person on board. What better way to do that than through an introductory video.


With this function Premium Members get to record a short video whereby they introduce themselves to any and all potential employers. Members have the opportunity to give crew seeking users more information about themselves and why they got into yachting. Special skills and career paths can be mentioned in the video. The function gives Premium Members the opportunity to put their best professional foot forward.


Image Gallery

This one is specially for the chefs. People eat with all their senses and although we can’t facilitate hiring crew smelling, touching or tasting your food through the website, they can visually enjoy your spread.

Employers who want to see the type of food you make can look through your image gallery.


Crew Support

The common misconception yachties have is that Crew HQ is a crew recruitment agency. We are not. We are a yacht networking website that provides crew recruitment software. This means that we have no say in who gets hired by employers and subscribing agencies. All we do is mediate the initial point of contact/communication.

Crew HQ provides a platform where job seeking crew and hiring captains can interface directly.

We put the power in your hands to steer your career in whichever direction you choose. We do understand that it can get overwhelming so we offer support to our Premium Members; suggesting where profiles and resumes can be amended, as well as giving general career advice.  The Crew HQ support staff avail themselves to all members that need assistance with the system.


Other perks included in the Premium Membership package include:

Stealth Mode. This allows you to look for yacht jobs without the knowledge of your current employer.
Special Offers & Discounts on merchandise and services.
Store All Documents

Being a Premium Member gives you access to Crew HQ support staff. Our efforts are to help you increase your visibility and your chances of employment, via the website.The fee attached to the upgraded membership is purely to cover the cost of calls and the software that allows you to store your extra information and documents onto the website.

The benefits of upgrading to Premium Membership reach far beyond the first job you get via Crew HQ. If you land the right job your career trajectory will reach farther than you ever anticipated. Consider the upgrade. Your career will thank you.

For more information on Premium Membership watch the video we made explaining the system or go to the Membership page