Crew HQ: Fact vs Fiction Pt 3

With yachting standards and regulations differing from region to region it is quite easy to become confused by what is expected of crew. We’ve collected a few more of your queries and questions and answered them in our third installment of Crew HQ: Fact vs Fiction


“Crew HQ won’t hire foreign crew” –Fiction

There are a number of misconceptions in this statement. Crew HQ is not a crew agency so we do not hire crew directly. We are a yacht networking site that provides a platform where job seeking crew can connect with hiring employers and job opportunities. For more information about the Crew HQ, and to how best utilize the system read through Crew HQ: Fact vs Fiction.


Secondly, Crew HQ aspires to make international yachting connections. The yachting industry isn’t isolated to one area. All along the French Riviera and in the Mediterranean, within the Caribbean seas and in Fort Lauderdale, lest we forget the South Pacific and the South of Asia ; all are popular yachting areas. It is important that we help job seeking crew find employment opportunities where they are based or where they desire to go.

Yacht captains and employers will alert Crew HQ to vacancies and we make the job specifications, details and requirements available to crew. It is up to the Captains and employers to decide whether they will only accept US applicants, for example and this could be influenced by a number of reasons. The yacht owners could have a preference, it could be a language limitation, or the reason is for administrative purposes. But unless a job posts states otherwise crew of all nationalities can apply for work via Crew HQ website.


“Job seeking crew can’t make their availability known on the website” –Fiction

Crew HQ is designed to make navigating the yachting industry easier for you. This could be in you seeking employment on a vessel, or trying to source crew for charter. There are a number of different pages on the site that are designated to helping you find what you are looking for.

The Jobs Page is reserved for Crew HQ members who are posting about job opportunities. Only users with Professional Membership can post on this particular page and have access to the applying crew’s resumes. For more information on hiring crew using the Professional Membership, click here.

Job seeking crew can use this page to find the latest vacancies for crew on yachts. You can simply look through the list of notice or you can filter the search down to specific positions. For a site specific job search you can utilize the Job Map to see what opportunities are available to you in your surrounding area.

The Crew Notice Board is where you would go to advertise yourself, a service or a product. On this page you, as a subscribing member, can post your availability; highlighting your special skills, where you are currently based and what position you would be looking to fill. This page is a source many of the crew seeking members of Crew HQ will go to find candidates that are available immediately, in their area.


Part of Crew HQ's mission is sifting through the confusion of the yachting industry so you don't find yourself lost and overwhelmed in it al. Keep sending us your questions and we will keep answering them and updating the site so it it more user friendly for you.