More Money or Better Opportunities

 Picture this; your contract on a 80M is nearly up. You’ve applied for a number of jobs for the coming season to ensure you aren’t left ashore when the yachting industry heads into 6 months of work.

A few days before your unemployment begins you hear back from two vessels. One offers you a great salary package, a reasonable rotation schedule whilst the other pays less, gives you enough days leave but has a phenomenal itinerary.

Most yachties have experienced this conflict at least once in their careers. How do you choose best with this catch 22?


It becomes a conflict of money vs opportunity. The yacht cruising worldwide will definitely look better on your resume, however money makes the world go round. So which job should you choose? The answer is; the best one for you.


Truth be told there is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on where you are in your career and where you desire to go. Consult your career path, professional goals and aspiration to help you decide which opportunity would work best for you.


You can’t put a price on experience. Learning more about yourself, personally and professionally, your strengths and limitations; is fundamental. If a yacht can offer you that then consider yourself extremely lucky. The flip side of the invaluable coin is that earning any salary is better than earning nothing. Work aboard a vessel means you don’t have to worry about living expenses. There is literally no downside to picking money over opportunity or visa versa.


Consider this: most yachts will spend a season cruising through the Mediterranean, from one riviera to the next. Either that or they’re in and around the Caribbean islands. Great, yes. Picturesque; we don’t doubt it. But what yachtie wouldn’t kill to have the opportunity to sail worldwide, working on a luxurious yacht with a great crew?

By no stretch of the imagination will your decision be simple but you certainly won’t regret it; whichever job you eventually take. Since the jury is out on the matter all we can suggest is that you go with your gut. A wise person once said “trust yourself and everything you do will be right.”