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Yacht Organiser is a simple, fast and effective solution to organising your yacht wash-down lockers and cleaning stations onboard your vessel. Yacht Organiser was designed and tailored specifically for the yachting industry. From the initial design phase, we set out to create an aesthetic design without compromising on strength, functionality and ease of installation. As professional yacht crew, we understand the need for a neat and organised yacht. The Yacht Organiser systems allow products to be stored in such a way as to maximise the storage capabilities of any yacht.

Yacht Organiser offers the first off-the-shelf solution to the problem of storing marine cleaning equipment onboard superyachts and eliminating the need for expensive and time consuming bespoke solutions. Yacht cleaning products are an important part of any yachts daily maintenance and their life cycle can be significantly improved with the right storage system onboard.

The product range is designed to store the yacht cleaning equipment used on a daily basis in a manner that frees up floor space in storage lockers, while providing a tidy and secure home for the equipment. Apart from providing a safe and secure home for your yacht cleaning products, the Yacht Organiser systems also allow your cleaning products to thoroughly air-dry, preventing the buildup of mildew. All of the systems have a small drainage hole so that your Shurhold and Swobbit cleaning equipment can drip-dry if put away damp.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to put your equipment in its place!

Yacht Organiser is proudly designed and manufactured in the UK.

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