Home and Away

There are five weeks left ‘til Christmas. Holiday decorations are being hung, gifts have been bought and travel arrangements are being finalised. The excitement around family reunions is bursting. Christmas with the family is the perfect way to end a year.


But for some working crew, getting home in time for turkey day,this year, won’t be possible. For some working crew Christmas will be spent on board, helping create happy memories for other families. We have penned down a few tips for beating homesickness this festive season:


        Ditch the pity party


You feel like moping around, dragging your feet because you’re on a beautiful yacht for Christmas.

Bah! Humbug!

Being with loved ones would be ideal. Getting to see your family and friends after a long, tiring year is how anyone would want to spend the holiday season. Unfortunately you’re missing it this year and instead of lamenting your situation you can look for the silver lining. How many people get to sail along the picturesque French Riviera or go diving in The Bahamas? Appreciate the memorable moments you get to make with the crew members you have come to make your family.

So cheer up. It is Christmas afterall. The last thing you’d want is passengers calling you The Grinch.


       Soothe yourself


Whether it’s stocking up on Pillsbury cookie dough, Ouma’s rusks or your favourite peach and pine nut stuffing make sure to comfort yourself with familiar things. Convince the chef to make your Grandma’s apple pie for the crew or put on your embarrassing Christmas jumper (the reindeer one with the nose that lights up when you touch it? Yeah that one) and get into the festive cheer. There is something about tastes and smells that have the power to bring back happy memories of Christmas with our loved ones.


If you have time, commandeer some of your crew and recreate Christmas traditions you normally do with your family. Find moments to have fun.


        Try something new


Each city has it’s own unique Christmas traditions. To help distract you from the fact that you can’t cosy up to a cup of hot coco with your siblings round the fireplace; check out what the city has to offer. Do some research on the popular attractions. Go watch a parades or be part of the town celebrations.

You’ll feel part of something while simultaneously getting to witness completely different and new traditions.


        Check in at home


Make sure to call, text, write or Skype your family and friends. With all the technology at your disposal you can check in with family as often as you need to. Not only will they appreciate hearing from you but hearing their voices or seeing their faces will make the sting of not being with them in person easier to manage. Letters, especially handwritten ones, will make you feel close to your loved ones. It is also a sentimental keepsake that can be stored. Christmas cards are a great way to maintain a sense of close connection.


Christmas away from home doesn't have to be a downer. There is always something to be thankful for. So chill the eggnog or warm up the gluhwein and get into the festive cheer.