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Riviera Wine is the new wine division of Riviera Yacht Support, led by Master of Wine Louise Sydbeck. Over the last 10 years the wine division has grown immensely as clients have come to appreciate our knowledge and passion for wines and so last year Riviera Wine was launched. In 2014, Louise who heads up Riviera Wine, became the 100th woman in the world to be awarded the Master of Wine qualification. Our team has been together now for many years and fully understands the rigors and demands put upon the captain and crew during the season. Let us use our vast contact network and can do attitudes to give you back the time you desire, so you can focus on your job, while we focus on ours.

WINE SUPPLY - We can deliver anytime, anywhere and anything - using our worldwide network to procure any wine on the market for you. With every order we will supply useful fact sheets about each wine to help you learn and understand about the wines you are serving.

FREE WINE ADVICE - We can provide free and useful advice on wine and spirits. If you would like some wine suggestions for a charter or simply food and wine matching advice, we are here to help you.

WINE TASTINGS - We can provide tastings for owners, charter guests and for crew.

WSET WINE TRAINING - Riviera Wine is an Approved Programme Provider of the internationally recognised WSET Wine and Spirits courses. We were the first Approved Programme Provider along the Riviera and have now trained over 250 yacht crew.

If you would like any information on supply, advice, tastings our courses we would love to hear from you - [email protected]

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