The comment you have been waiting for...

After starting at Crew HQ for a very long time... and wondering what might be missing from its functionality.. we realised that there was still no ability for users to comment on content, jobs, articles or on directory listings.

Yachting - Who's in Charge? Who do you report to?

Imagine building a multi-million dollar shiny floating toy and demanding that it remain dry, salt free and look brand new forever. Then imagine putting it in the ocean.

The Bare Minimum - What are the basic training requirements for crew in the yachting industry?

So... You decided to join the yachting industry but now you need to make sure you have the training and qualifications to work onboard.

PSA vs PDSD - What's the difference? Who needs it?

Got questions about the new required security courses for working onboard a superyacht?

We thought we would try and break things down for you.

Crew HQ Referral System. Earn up to £20 per referral.

The Crew HQ referral system provides every active member of our website with the ability to earn money by referring other yachting industry professionals to our website.

List a yacht job and manage your applicants.

It's free to advertise your latest yachting jobs on Crew HQ. Our system makes it exceptionally easy for you to manage your applicants and to streamline your recruitment process.

What's in a Free Crew profile?

Your profile page is your starting point on Crew HQ and making it look good should be your top priority.
It's free to create a crew profile and it comes packed with features to make recruiting you easy.

How do I add a reference?

Once you have your basic profile looking good, you need to add your references.

How do I create my Crew Profile?

Creating a good looking Crew Profile is the most important task you need to compete on Crew HQ.

How do I register a new account?

Registering on Crew HQ is as easy as connecting your account to Facebook.

If you don't have a Facebook account or would prefer not to connect your account then this video will show you how to Sign Up the old fashioned way.