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After over 30 years’ experience within the Security & Fire industry I offer a diverse range of services, a selection of which include Security and Fire Systems Consultancy, Fire Risk Assessments, Project Management, Tender review, System Design, integrated security systems on SuperYachts etc.

I offer a range of services designed for clients who are looking for an independent source who can advise and manage projects on their behalf.

A well designed and thought out security or fire system really can be an effective tool for safety and crime prevention.

I also offer Fire risk Assessments which are a legal requirement for all businesses to comply with the Regulatory Reform Act 2005 (Fire Safety Order) these really can highlight potential risks to employees and businesses, and business continuity.

The services offered have been gained from many years with-in the industry and the many pitfalls I have witnessed when clients end up with a system that doesn't fully meet their requirements.

Whether it’s a small job or running major projects, over the years I have built up a trusted network of professorial individuals and companies that with our collective knowledge have always managed to find a solution however complex the situation.

The services offered have been gained from real life hands on experience, I'm very approachable and take a practical down to earth approach to the services offered, we strive to build long term relationships with our customers, so getting the job done right every time is our number one priority.

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