SA Sailing Editorial

Having spent 12 years sailing the world in a carefree manner, things abruptly changed for Adrian and Hayley Ceruti with the birth of their first child in Monaco. It was time to swallow the anchor and come home to settle down and lead a normal family life. Little did they know that their time at sea and on boats was far from over as after many odd jobs and working for a sailing/charter company in Langebaan which went into liquidation, their survival instincts immediately kicked in - and Atlantic Yachting was born in March 2006.


“It was a slow start” said Adrian. “We rented an L34, held lectures in the garage at home, and used a bedroom in the house as an office. It was not ideal, but the right way to start a small family business in a tough environment.”


Their work experience on superyachts, not just the actual work of operating the vessels, was good experience...