Day Work

Day work is temporary work on a yacht to assist permanent crewmembers in the areas required. It can last anywhere from one day to several weeks or even a few months.

Day working offers the opportunity to not only see how boats operate, but also to network with other crew and build your industry experience, which will enhance your employment prospects.

Make sure after day working to ask a senior member of staff if they are willing to provide you with a reference, this is so important when you are starting out to have someone in the industry give feedback on your abilities and work ethic.

Day work can sometimes lead to a permanent position, if there is a vacancy on board and the Captain likes your work, you could be considered.

My advice is to always think of day work as an all-day interview. Carry out duties given to the best of your ability, work hard, be polite and ooze enthusiasm for every task. Maintain a positive attitude and offer to assist in other areas such as; unloading shopping and cleaning up after meal times.

This yacht may not have permanent work for you, but they may know someone who’s looking, a lot of this industry is word of mouth so be keen, work with a smile and most importantly build a good reputation.