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Deep experience in bartending, strong ability of work,friendly and fun. Experienced in cruise ship for seven years, it would be great to work on yacht, really hope to work for you.


My objective is to acquire a position as deckhand on a sailing yacht. I want to work hard and enjoy what I do. I have found an interesting mix of that within the yachting industry where my tasks are diverse and keep my days engaged.

WANTED, Day Work Antibes, Cannes, Monaco

Looking for Day Work in Antibes/ Monaco/ Cannes. Deckhand | Boat builder | Engineer | Dive Instructor. Experienced with good references. Available immediately +33 630 498301

Atlantic Crossing experienced delivery crew available

Looking for sailing yacht to cross Europe-to-Caribbean – to take sightings and catch fish! Have spent years sailing, am approachable and easy-going.

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Abuse in The Workplace

Verbal attacks, harassment, brutal condescension. Acts of belittling, embarrassing and all out indignity and humiliation. This is the ugly side of yacht working that many don’t want to mention. It’s never spoken about until it goes too far.

More Money or Better Opportunities

 Picture this; your contract on a 80M is nearly up. You’ve applied for a number of jobs for the coming season to ensure you aren’t left ashore when the yachting industry heads into 6 months of work.

When to Give Marching Orders

Firing staff is never a fun or easy undertaking. You are essentially taking away another person’s livelihood. Having to discipline insubordinate and problematic staff, however, isn’t something you should have to deal with either.

Going the Distance

Running a yacht is a huge responsibility. Heads of Galley, Interior, Deck and Engine Room provide some comfort as they are in charge of overseeing day to day tasks but the job of the Captain is to ensure the entire team dynamic is a good one.

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