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Stewardess/ 2nd Stewardess

I am a very motivated, determined, honest and reliable person, but most of all I’m a hard worker and self-starter with great eye for detail stewardess aiming to secure a long term or seasonal position on board a motor yacht that will allow me to pursue my career further.


I'm looking for a Stewardess position preferably on a busy charter yacht. I like to take responsibilites and have excellent organizational and multilingual communication skills in English, German, Spanish and Hungarian.


I recently entered the industry and am looking to be given the chance to prove myself. I think I am worth the risk and will not disappoint.

Aussie crew? Tax obligations in Australia?

Need advice on whether you are liable to pay tax in Australia? We are Aussie lawyers with a special expertise in giving advice to crew working offshore. contact us now and stop worrying about your tax obligations. +61401971390

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Can Crew Couples Work?

To be (together) or not to be (together); that is the career changing question. More and more couples wanting to work on the same boat in order to be together are asking whether they’re kidding themselves or if there is a place for them in the industry.

Tagged Today, Gone Tomorrow

It could be anything from a group photo of a drunken night on the town being posted on Instagram, to a Facebook status spewing bigotry and racial discrimination. Either way you need to be careful about what you broadcast online as it can give employers reasons not to hire you.  

The Importance of a Good Reference

If a resume is considered the document that speaks for you before you’ve met your prospective employer, then references have the power to make or break your case.  

Getting the Right Visa for the Job

For green crew and sometimes established yachties looking to relocate, paperwork and travel documentation can be the cause of huge distress. Every country has its own system and list of requirements which lead to confusion and headaches for crew members trying to make sense of it all.

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Download and edit our CV template to suit your needs. It will set you on the right track with your first Yachting CV. You can use it as a guide to writing your CV for the Super Yacht Industry. It should be used to aid your CV writing process and for general information. It is not meant to be a definitive guide. Download CV Template

Websites for the Yachting Industry

The Overtone Digital team are proud to have been the development partners for Crew HQ. Whether you need a crew or company website, digital consultancy or simply ongoing web management and maintenance Overtone Digital is here to help. With yachting experience and developers who have worked as ETO's on superyachts we can provide IT and technical support, or even help set up your entire IT/AV infrastructure onboard. Overtone is an interactive strategy, design, and development company. We create engaging experiences using cost effective open source technologies.

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