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Leon Daalmeijer & Cornelia Frank Leon Daalmeijer Cornelia Frank Eupener Str.56 Brockeswalder Chaussee 112 27576 Bremerhaven 27474 Cuxhaven Telefon:(+49) 015758551761 Telefon:(+49)015116523649 SUPER YACHT / CRUISE 06/02/2016 Applica

Deckhand with Experience

After growing up on my family farm back in Wales, I have always been in a changing environment that requires organisation, fast pace and effort.


South African, Hard working, self motivated and loyal. 1 season experience looking to make my mark in the industry and start a career in the industry. Looking to join the ranks of Deckhand but I have previously worked in the Galley.

Housekeeping Stewardess

I am a loyal and hardworking individual who is able to offer reliability, dedication and commitment to any task that I undertake. I am focused and passionate. I am flexible, approachable and have excellent communication skills.

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Yachting with Youngsters

Travelling has always been a great way to bring families together. Parents often take their children with them when visiting new countries and continents as a way of introducing their kids’ young minds to new and diverse cultures.

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Reference Validation Reference validation is a service we offer to our Premium Members.

7 Great Minds Dedicated to Saving Our Seas

The adverse effects of climate change are being felt now more than ever before. Ice caps are melting, sea leves are rising and winters are lasting longer than they should. Our planet is in crisis and our ocean and the marine life that depend on the ecosystem are suffering as a result.

Environmentally Conscious Yachting

One of Crew HQ’s missions is endeavouring to promote sea-friendly and environmentally conscious yachting. We understand the importance of preserving the ocean so that it can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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