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I am a positive and highly motivated person who works well as an individual taking the initiative or as a part of a team. I have a warm and friendly nature and mix well with others. I am seeking a position as a DECKHAND/STEWARD,or DECKHAND/CREW COOK,

Ready to go

I have over ten years experience working on the decks of several different sized vessels , I have strong technical skills and am very proficient in customer relations, identification, and great navigational skills .


My objective is to begin a career within the yachting industry as a deckhand. Ideally, I would like to gain enough experience and miles which can further my position on board a yacht. I’m a very approachable person and a great team player.

Jason Turnbull

I am a hard working , punctual and well mannered young man , who is eager to get out into the industry and learn and develop the skills required to be a successful crew member . Looking for a deckhand position or Daywork to keep me going

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Leaving on Good Terms

You’ve landed it. You’ve gotten a job on a gorgeous boat. Your cabin is reasonably sized and comfortable. The other crew members are extremely warm and welcoming. You’ve only heard good things about the captain.

Dress to impress

Dock walking is an exercise every yachtie goes through. For Green crew, dock walking helps in becoming acquainted with familiar faces that you will work with and for in the future. Veterans use it as an opportunity to alert captains of their availability and keenness to work.

Employment for Newbies

The yachting industry is an exciting one. Gorgeous vessels, breathtaking locations and beautiful people; it’s like something out of a movie. Getting a job on a yacht however isn’t as glamorous.

Service to the Stars

There is a certain excitement one gets when meeting a celebrity or popular socialite. We are so used to seeing them be amazing on the big screen and in magazines that when we come across them in everyday life we tend to lose ourselves. We regard these individuals as magical.

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